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Where do germs hide in your Winston Salem office and how it affects your bottom line?

     Think of objects with handles....

• Toilet flush and faucet handles

• Towel dispensers

• Coffee pot and microwave handles

• Door knobs and light switches

• Phone handsets

Did you know that during one research study a coffee pot handle was found to have 34 times more bacteria that a school toilet seat  (...would you like cream and sugar with that or soap and water)!  The study was administered by Hloom, an office provider, which gathered bacteria samples from five common surfaces within different offices – from small workplaces to large corporate headquarters and had them tested at an independent laboratory to determine the prevalence and types of bacteria present on each surface.  Around 99 percent of the coffee pot handle germs were gram-negative rods, which can cause various infections and may even resist antibiotics.  The same study revealed the office entrance doorknobs and water dispenser handles weren’t exactly the picture of cleanliness either.  Viruses travel fast where people traffic office spaces as another study reported in the Wall Street Journal that it took only four hours for a (harmless) virus to spread from the front door of an office to over 50 percent of frequently touched surfaces!

One of the many benefits of a clean facility is that it gives building occupants a visual comfort level and reduces employee absenteeism.  This has been shown to have a direct impact on a company's bottom-line.  A study published in the Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine in 2003 reported that, based on a random sample of 28,902 United States workers, health-related lost productive time (LPT) costs employers $225.8 billion per year.

Properly trained cleaning technicians are able to maintain a healthy and productive environment for your company.  This means increased job satisfaction from your employees' time at work while lowering absenteeism.  To find out how we focus on caring for our cleaners so they can focus on you, call us at (336) 682-6983 or visit us online at All Washed Up Cleaning in Winston Salem, NC. 




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