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Best Building Maintenance Service in Winston Salem, NC

In this article as a Facility or Quality Control Manager you will see another way All Washed Up Cleaning adds value by using technology to enhance real-time and open communication resulting in better quality control of your building maintenance services. In many cases, it’s the little things that go unspoken that end up causing dissatisfaction. One of several online-tracking software packages we are currently valuating to accomplish this is called Swept.

With Client Messaging, Swept offers each client a customized experience to communicate with our management team in real-time whenever you need to. You get immediate updates from us at All Washed Up Cleaning in Winston Salem, NC when issues are resolved as well as results of our random, quality control inspections.

Public Surveys. Being proactive isn't always possible when cleaning large spaces. What happens if a soap or towel dispenser runs out? Getting in front of an issue even before you are made aware is accomplished through Swept's Public Surveys which allow you to place custom stickers in spaces we can collect public feedback from you, another manager, an employee or customer. Strategically placed stickers with a unique location code and phone number provides an opportunity for public, anonymous feedback by voice, or by SMS text. The Swept system automatically replies to the person sending the text in real time, letting them know “We’re looking into the issue now”.  Each submission will also ask them to rate the cleanliness of the location they're in. This provides an ongoing quality control measurement and remediation process.

An important factor in being the best building maintenance service is giving you the peace of mind that you are receiving quality performance. Quality control is a large segment of all contracts in the cleaning industry. You want to know how we’re going to do it and how we’re going to monitor it. Online tracking systems go a long way in addressing your concerns about quality control. We here at All Washed Up Cleaning believe this and other related technologies is a win/win for improving the quality of our services while reducing overall costs and increased savings to you so that you can check off your list of responsibilities,... 'CLEANING - taken care of'!

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